Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Joy

I took just a few photos over the Christmas holiday festivities - the wrapping of gifts, the opening of them, holiday lights, friends and family enjoying each other's company - but this is definitely one of my favorites from the holiday.

As we sat at our dining room table ready to start our Christmas breakfast, my wife brought out a pan of cinnamon rolls. As she set it on the table, my son looked up from his plate and the huge pan and stared at it with the wide-eyed joy of a three year old about to get a sugar fix. So I grabbed my iPhone as it was the closest camera to me and I really wanted to capture this moment. Here it is.

Hope you all had some of that wide-eyed joy this year.

My son looks with wide-eyed joy at a pan of cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Gloves

The bulk of my photography business is wedding photography, especially in the summer and fall - and I love it. To have a front row seat as the story of a couple's wedding day unfolds and to be asked to tell that story is truly an honor. But every so often I get to tell a completely different kind of story.

When Julie asked me to take a drive away from Rockford, out towards City to wander and photograph her family farm, I leapt at the chance. You see, when I first picked up a camera, long before I had an inkling that it would be my profession, it was exactly that type of thing that I would spend weekends doing...exploring, seeing what I could find, and photographing it.

As I explored the farm, we went to the cellar to photograph some artwork. It was there that I saw a pair of weathered old boxing gloves, hanging on a rusty nail. I found out from Julie that they had belong to her father, and had been hanging on that nail for over four decades.

Here they are.

Vintage boxing gloves hanging in a basement outside of Freeport, Ilinois. Photograph by Ryan Davis - Rockford Photographer

I'll be posting more from this old farm as the winter progresses. But I thought these gloves deserved their own post.

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